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How to use the CashOut service?

If you have unsettled bets, you can try our new service - CashOut!

CashOut – an opportunity to turn your stake into cash, before the result is known. This offer is available both for pre-match and live bets. If your CashOut request is successful, then a bet will be settled immediately and the appropriate amount of money will be transferred to your account. CashOut amount you will receive depends on the initial odds and the odds at the moment of CashOut initiation. In this case the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the return amount to your account.

CashOut - get the win ahead of time!

1. To use the service you need to go to the tab «Account History».

2. Next, click on the «Unsettled».

«CashOut» button and the amount available for the refund will be displayed on this page, below all bets. You can use the service before the outcome will be known.

3. Click on the «CashOut» button in order to return the funds to your account. Then confirmation of your request will appear on the page.



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Was this article useful for you?