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How to place a LIVE bet?

«LIVE Bet» is a bet you can place during the match. The coefficient for such bets will vary depending on the state of the match. Making such bet is as easy as a single bet.

Follow our simple instructions.

  1. Select “LIVE betting” in the “Competitions list” menu on the Parimatch site.


You will be redirected to a new page where you will see events on which bets are currently accepted and below you will see events that are expected for betting.


You will need to choose the events that you are interest in. You can choose one or more events.

Volleyball match in Russia for example


Press “Show LIVE” button after chosen the match.

A detailed line will appear, where you should select the necessary outcome, for example, “EXAMPLE_TEAM” win, then press “Make bet”.

A bet slip will appear where you should type the sum of bet and check the accuracy of the information.

Important: when betting LIVE the coefficient can always change, that’s why after having chosen the outcome and pressing “Make bet” button you can discover a message about coefficient changes.

As soon as you have checked the sum of bet and pressed “Make bet” you will receive a message that your bet has been accepted.


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Was this article useful for you?